Media Marketing + Implementation

At Bear Hands Media Group, we are first creative video content producers, but we have a little trick up our sleeve. Our growing creative marketing team. We use visual art in the form of video to reach and engage with a target market and now have the ability to implement this content into strategic marketing campaigns across all social media platforms. Utilizing these outlets to gain max exposure per each platform. Our marketing team’s goal is to help our client’s build their web presence by connecting their brand & business to their audience through strategic video marketing campaigns.


We understand that as entrepreneurs, it’s a challenging to balance and manage your digital footprint as well as run your business. You can count on us to strategize + create + curate the best content packaged within innovative campaigns for max audience engagement.


Campaign Services

Through campaign planning & strategy, we will work together with you to curate, develop, and manage creative & effective content by providing the following services

Marketing campaign building & management

Pre-production campaign planning with the Film & Marketing Teams. We'll put the best creative minds at work to form compelling and interesting content, unique to your brand's social media campaign strategy

Our Film Team will create, film, & provide post-production editing of your video content. We take every step from the storyboard to the audio mastering to color grading to delivery. We're very proud of each piece like tiny babies we all love and birth into the world. You're welcome for that visual. But seriously, nothing leaves the studio if it's not perfect and awesome in every way.

Video content development

Once your video content is approved, our Brand Ambassador will develop your social media content calendar & draft out your social media posts for review. How awesome is she!! We love her. She has saved us countless hours so we can focus on making cool videos. You will love her too.

Social media strategy & messaging development

Once your content calendar is approved, our Brand Ambassador will manage implementation of your social media posts (AKA post them for you so you don't have to) onto your platforms like Facebook, Instagram or whatever else you crazy kids are into these days.


Social media implementation
I'm into it!

Ya, we are too, that's why we had to add it as a courtesy for all of our amazing entrepreneurial super smart friends. By courtesy though, we don't mean free of charge so Contact us for pricing and availability. Cheers!!


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