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"Shhh – 5 secrets to powerful marketing."

Video, Video, Video, Video, and … Video. 

You’re welcome!”


Bear Hands Media creates video ad campaigns that not only

gets brands into the living rooms of a larger audience

but our creative videos convert viewers into full fledged brand loyalists.

We find what makes your business or product special and then

create scroll-stopping & entertaining ways to tell that story;

connecting the right people to the right brands.

We’re like little matchmaker elves but less like the pointy ear kind

and more like the kind that increases ROI and long term gains. 


If the goal is to create something sentimental or ridiculously different, we’re in. Whether it be an emotional story or something

bizarre and hilarious, we have all the weird ideas to help

connect people with your brand voice.

We take it from the start of creative ideas to video production 

to implementing your video into the ad world like Hulu ads, 

Broadcast, Google Ads, and all the CTV, OTT and PPC platforms. 


 In addition to highly creative data driven Commercials, we also do 

Mini Ad Suites, Corporate Films, Product Shoots, Music Videos, Interviews/Documentaries, Animations, and Motion Graphics.

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the video advertising world

Bear Hands utilizes our in-house media planners to advise on ad spend and platform allocation strategies.

Depending on the size and configuration of your strategy map and defined goals, we will determine if teaming up with outside media buyers from specialized ad firms are a

better fit for the campaign launch. We have cultivated strong relationships with ad firms that specialize in different areas

of industry that we can bring to the table when a campaign requires the big guns. While our team is boutique, we have built an army of national partners.


Bear Hands loves working as a team, whether it’s with

an ad agency your clients already have a relationship with,

media buyers we recommend joining in on the launch,

or our own in-house capabilities, our only goal is to get

the most ROI on our client’s video ad campaigns.

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targeting is the secret sauce

& Geo-Fencing


Conference &
Event Targeting



Data Targeting

Site Targeting

CRM Targeting


Contextual Category


Custom Audience

as seen on

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and many more platforms

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Commercial ADS

DeLorean Motor Company x REC Watches // Trailer // Houston, Texas
DeLorean Motor Company x REC Watches // Trailer // Houston, Texas
Play Video

DeLorean Motor Company x REC Watches // Trailer // Houston, Texas

Kinetic Kono Brand Video // Houston, Texas
Play Video

Kinetic Kono Brand Video // Houston, Texas

Antone's 60th Anniversary Video // Houston, Texas
Play Video

Antone's 60th Anniversary Video // Houston, Texas

Pixar Putt
Play Video

Pixar Putt

documentary exposé