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Video Strategists 

Imagine if your videos worked for your business like

an extension of your sales team

Houston Based video advertising firm, Bear Hands Media,

has bet the farm on what they can do with video for startups. 


Bear Hands goes full on Beast Mode for their clients.


Beast Mode is leveraging effective video advertising that actually builds business. Beast Mode is when your videos are generating revenue for you. Beast Mode is when your startup can communicate the unique advantages of your product attracting early adopters

and VCs to you.

Bear Hands Media's Flawless reputation didn't happen by accident, and that's Beast Mode.

  • “big game” quality videos and high value content that bring your consumers to you  

  • customized strategy map of where and when those videos need launch for your greatest impact ROI 

  • a true strategic partner that is ferociously competitive and eager to guide our clients to their big hero wins

experts in video strategy, ready to help businesses navigate the increasingly
complicated advertising landscape. 

If you’re a rowdy startup ready to make big plays or an ambitious business looking to launch major moves, we want to talk to you. 

1.  Click below to fill out information we need to help us customize your meeting

2.  If we can help, we’ll schedule a 30 minute

strategy meeting at no cost 

3.  If your business isn’t the right fit for us, we’ll refer

you to who is. We’re not here to waste anyone’s time.

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