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Video Ads & Marketing - the quick & dirty

Creative video ads are the key to a successful marketing campaign (period). People love to watch engaging videos, and by having creative video ads that are entertaining and informative (like the ones we love to make), you can capture their attention and communicate your message in a way that is much more effective than text or images alone. Video marketing is also highly shareable, so your ad has the potential to reach a wide audience very quickly. And because people are more likely to remember what they see in a video than what they read in an ad, you can be sure that your message will stick with them long after they've seen it.

Best of all, video marketing offers a great return on investment; studies have shown that video advertising generates more leads and sales than any other type of marketing. A study by Wordstream found that video ads have an ROI of 1200%. That means for every $1 spent on video advertising, businesses make $12 back. The reason for this is that video is an incredibly engaging medium. It captures attention and holds it better than any other form of advertising.

Video ads are also an effective way to measure the return on investment (ROI) of a marketing campaign. Video ads can be used to track how many people view the ad, how long they watch it, and whether or not they take any action as a result of watching it. This data can then be used to determine what about the ad or which ad in a suite is inspiring the most engagement which then helps better target your audience across all of your marketing efforts, saving lost marketing dollars in the process.

Also, video ads are highly shareable, meaning they have the potential to reach a vast audience. Videos that are memorable are more likely to convert viewers into customers. This is why we focus so much on thinking outside of the box. We determine how to best tell a story that helps a potential buyer connect with a brand or product but also what is going to “stop the scroll”, as they say, so that the viewer actually takes the time to watch, connect with and remember an ad.

It’s also important to think about ads as an opportunity to not only introduce a message about your brand or product but to truly engage with the person viewing the ad. We’re all bombarded by ads constantly. Isn’t it always refreshing when you run across one that moves you, make you laugh, inspires you to take action… the key to those types of ads is in the creative. Our team helps bridge the gaps between what you care about communicating, what a viewer wants to see and what a marketing agency needs to get the results they want to see out of a campaign.

If you're looking to boost your marketing campaign, include highly creative video ads that disrupt the scroll and stand out from the noise. Hey, we know someone who makes those kinds of ads!

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