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beast mode videos that
crush sales for fierce brands

Bear Hands Media, Video Advertising Agency

Quickly communicate
product value

Bear Hands Media, Video Advertising Agency

achieve market dominance

Bear Hands Media, Video Advertising Agency

shorten your sales cycle


Weak videos are like a dead fish handshake

Your brand's first impression matters

if your videos aren't making prospects obsessed with your brand, they're not doing their job, and they should be retired immediately


I know, right!

don't find out the hard way that boring videos can

un-sell your products.

we've worked with thousands of

fierce brands

from startups to fortune 100s 

on creative videos that crush like a sales team. 

"When it comes to video production Bear Hands Media is the place to go, period. Their team understood our needs and what we were looking for."


"The video production and the final result is simply world class!"


– Christian Mygh
Co-Founder of REC Watches

"Our team has worked with Bear Hands Media for our

own video content and in partnership with clients.
They are a great team with vision and creativity."


"You can tell they’re passionate about their craft and it comes through the work that they do."


– Summer Reeves,
Co-Founder of Kinetic Kono, 

innovation design firm


"We loved working with
Bear Hands Media. From the strategy to vision to filming to delivery, they made everything easy."


"The team is great at foreseeing what you'll need. They went beyond our expectation."


– Brennan’s Restaurant

Three steps to becoming a
Beast Mode Revenue Monster


Identify your opportunities within the market & how to uniquely maneuver using a customized video strategy map


​Concept, script and produce videos that match the unique-to-your-business roadmap


​Implement the right videos the right way and start growing your business like a beast

Bear Hands Media Mountains

can UN-sell your products.

Have you ever seen a bad video on a website,

or a commercial on TV, or a social media ad?

I mean, one that's so bad that you're like –

"gross! I would never buy from them"

In this article, we're going to talk through

the reasons why this happens and how to avoid it.

HVCO Lead Gen Take 2 BOOK.png

unlock our free STarTER guide

How long are you going

to let weak videos cost

you real revenue?

Take full advantage of

strategic video advertising to communicate product value, dominate the market,

and shorten your sales cycle.

How? You're a Bear.

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