Let’s Go

“Finally, a video team of specialists that bolts on to my marketing division – like an instant media department without the overhead cost of a permanent internal department. They’re like my video SWAT team.”

what to expect
step 1 – Discovery Meeting

- We learn about the company, the values, the organization's goals and ambitions of their team.

- We conduct an independent study of the business, the industry and we evaluate the market.

- If we think we're the right fit, we'll propose an annual or quarterly budget range for production as well as ad spend and platform strategy.

STEP 2 – MArketing plan development

- We advise on video marketing concepts, creative and implementation strategy.

- Then we manage every stage of production from scripting to post production and everything in between.

Step – Implementation, media buying,
ad spend management

- We don’t just buy ads and go. We watch your ads like babies and make adjustments as needed to ensure each ad implemented is getting the most returns possible.

- BTW our reports are easy to read and understand because for some reason, that's not common. We know, you're welcome.

We use video as a tool – like an extension of your sales team. Everything is well researched, well planned and well executed – giving our campaigns the best chance to break through the digital noise.

Meetings in Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth
locations by appointment only

We’re on it!

In most cases our team responds within 24 hours.

If this is a marketing emergency, contact christine@bearhandsmedia.com  
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Please email christine@bearhandsmedia.com
so we can get things started.