Why don't nuclear scientists trust atoms?

Because they make up everything.

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This organization is more than just an energy company; it is deeply committed to providing a positive impact to the communities it serves. The company was seeking a video partner to assist in further engaging its employees and motivating the wider community to take meaningful action.


We’ve filmed over 6 community outreach events across two states and collected content across many others simultaneously to highlight the powerful work that NRG continues to do. We’ve created several videos and loaded them up with a library of up-cyclable content they can use for internal motivational pieces as well as external, social media and ad placements that ensure the world knows who they are and they can inspire other big companies to follow suit. 


Greater Houston Partnership, particularly its UpSkill department, needed assistance in effectively conveying to Houston's youth the diverse opportunities available for achieving success across various career fields. INEOS was active in the program offering on the job training with no college degree requirement, one of the many opportunities that needed to be conveyed.  


We produced a “My Life As _____” series consisting of 13 videos in the series and a massive video library for social media implementation that can be utilized for many years. 


Vitol was hosting an event and needed help with video animations to use as a digital invitation for it. 


We don’t get a chance to talk about events quite often because they are typically included as a larger scale marketing plan. Events are powerful tools and we can use video in many different ways around and before an event to bolster the underlying goals of an organization. In this case, we were able to use the invitation to further tell the story behind the importance of the event. We’ve done many of these throughout the years in partnership with Papellerie. A video invitation is always a wow factor for guests.

Our Reputation? Flawless.

Winning Contracts

“We won the contract! Selection committee members let us know how much they liked the videos. Everything was a success.”

LaTrelle's Management Corp.

Food & Hospitality
Teaching Moments

“ Videography is something I didn't have a background in, so the goal was to give our vision over to the Bear Hands team and let them put their expertise to work, and that is exactly what they did.”

Greater Houston Partnership

Service Providers
Consistently Great

“They have nailed it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Their team is professional, kind, helpful, inclusive and fun to be around (important when you have multiple days of shoots). Bear Hands always go above and beyond. They are truly one of a kind.”

Easter Seals Greater Houston

Service Providers
World Class

"When it comes to video production Bear Hands Media is the place to go, period. Their team understood our needs and what we were looking for. The video production and the final result is simply world class!"

REC Watches

Retail & E-Commerce
Accurate Creativity

"We loved working with Bear Hands Media. From the strategy to vision to filming to delivery, they made everything easy. The team is great at foreseeing what you'll need. They went beyond our expectations."

Brennan’s Restaurant

Food & Hospitality
Performing Passion

"Our team has worked with Bear Hands Media for our own video content and in partnership with clients. They are a great team with vision and creativity. You can tell they’re passionate about their craft and it comes through the work that they do."

Kinetic Kono

Service Providers

Let’s Go Video Beast-Mode




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