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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - DEI Video Ads that Matter

We're seeing a lot of discussion around DEI lately, especially in the marketing space. Many of our clients are asking us for pitches that center around and promote these values because they know consumers are increasingly aware of the values that brands hold, and they want to align themselves with brands that share their own values. This is where including DEI messaging in commercials can be really effective. By creating video content that focuses on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, brands can send a strong message about their commitment to these values while also promoting their product or service.

These days ad messaging is less like “hey buy our product ‘cause it’s good” and more like “our values are strong, we’re committed to making the world a better place, by buying our product, you’re supporting XYZ”. This can help to attract new customers and build loyalty among existing ones. Bonus points: it can also help to create a more positive workplace culture for your team.

People care when people care about people. (ok that sounded more profound in my head but I'm going to assume you get my point) Y'all remember when Toms were first released. They had that buy-one-give-one strategy. Sure, there was a bit of a rise and fall to that model in general but the point is people cared, a LOT of people cared. In your commercials, you can crusade like Toms or highlight inspiring stories of humans doing cool things in life documentary ad style. You can partner with a non-profit or a small business to highlight what they're doing for their communities. Even all of the scripted, quirky, fun, funny commercials you see are prioritizing representation in many different and cool ways. And I know we all cried the biggest tears watching this Oreo ad right? Adding that layer of DEI in your promotional video content is fun and we can help with creative ideas in the initial concept phase to accomplish, not only promoting your brand, but incorporating positive messaging as well.

The more we can all collectively, as business leaders, spread the message of acceptance, the more we can make an impact on the world while also connecting like-minded people to our brands. It not only ensures that more people see these values as core to the company, but normalizes them. So that when people see someone that isn't like them in an ad, they won't be taken aback or think that it's out of the ordinary. Companies that advertise in mainstream media have massive voices capable of making huge shifts. Ultimately, video advertising has the potential to create a more inclusive world for everyone. If we can see a more diverse world in advertising, eventually we'll live our lives in a more inclusive society. And that's something we can all get behind.

Read more about this from a real writer - “The Power of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” in this article published by AdWeek written by Amazon Ads’ Matt Miller, Senior Copywriter

If you’re looking for creative ways to reach your consumers, whether your values are centered around DEI, social justice, environmental activism, or whatever it is you care deeply about; send us a message, tell us about your business, how you’d like to make an impact on the world and we’ll pitch some creative video ideas to help you in your effort to make the planet a better place.

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