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The wrong ads can un-sell your products

Y’all!! I’ve been preaching this! I even talked about it in a “stream of consciousness” style video called “5 reasons your video ads are repulsing your buyers”. In that, I spoke openly about some of the ways people miss the mark on their own video investments, costing them dearly. It’s frustrating for the businesses who have just dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not more) in productions and ad spend with false hopes it would result in an upswing in their revenue. It’s also just as frustrating for those of us who see it knowing full well it’s actually hurting their businesses.

You may think “if it does nothing, it doesn’t matter” and you would be wrong.

So if you won’t take it from me, that's cool, take it from Ogilvy. If you don’t know who Ogilvy is, Google him. He’s a godfather of sorts among advertising professionals. Here’s an excerpt from his book “Ogilvy on Advertising”:

“The wrong advertising can actually reduce the sales of a product. I am told that George Hay Brown, at one time head of marketing research at Ford, inserted advertisements in every other copy of the Reader’s Digest. At the end of the year, the people who had not been exposed to the advertising had bought more Fords than those who had.

In another survey it was found that consumption of a certain brand of beer was lower among people who remembered its advertising than those who did not. The brewer had spent millions of dollars on advertising which un-sold his beer”

It’s imperative for most businesses to advertise and it’s crucial they work with agencies that do the work to get it right but it’s also vitally important C-Suites get out of the agency's way and let them do what they do best.

We're not here to be the hero of the story. We're here to help you be the hero. So, give us what we need to get it done, then get out of our way.

Cheers! - Anna

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